Now What??

I’m home and it is DH’s birthday.. he’s only 49. He’s not OLD like me. Not sure what he wants for his birthday present. (still) He is still leaning toward another welder.

But, guess what!? I picked out my tattoo! Yes, I am getting a tattoo, it is my 50th birthday gift to myself! So after searching and searching I found it! I’m cheating and getting it on my foot and ankle. (It’s cheating because I don’t have much feeling below the knee!) DH still rolls his eyes about my choice but it’s not flowers or butterflies! I seriously thought about doing quilt blocks but none of them really stood out for me. I do have an idea about my next one though..

it's gonna be something like this...but with color

I’m coming down with something my nephew shared with me so I will not be getting the wedding quilt on the table for a day or two. He called it “strep-ititis” if that gives ya a clue of how I feel!

Finding joy in the fact I made it home before strep-ititis took ahold of me! Hope your joy is found in better places!



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4 responses to “Now What??

  1. Foot tattoos hurt. You have hardly any fat on your foot to absorb the pressure. I have a foot tattoo and have the following advice. Make sure you do it while you can still wear sandals as you will not be able to wear socks or runners for about a week. When getting a foot tattoo be aware that the foot has more tendacy to flake when healing than say your arm. The skin is fine there and you will more than likely need to get touchups done. Also, make sure it is above the line on the side of your foot as it will not take well if it is below. Discuss the pros and cons of a foot tattoo with the artist doing it before you get it done. Lastly, enjoy the process! Tattoos can be beautiful and are a work of art! Good luck!


  2. YEAH@ I have very little feeling in my legs below the knees so this may work out!! Thanks.. will talk to the artist! U R the best!!


  3. You might want to re-think that location. I have a tattoo across the top of my foot that extends down into the instep. Hurts just as bad every time i have to have it touched up. i recommend some where that there’s a little body fat. i do like your design choice.


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