On the road again..

Only in reverse this time! I’m heading back home, again in one day.. well that’s the plan anyway. A short run of fourteen hours.. This time when I get back it will be DH’s birthday .. he’s still a babe, forty-nine to my five-oh!

Many things to finish when I return.. drywall and yep, the wedding quilt is going on the table. I’d like to get it shipped out within a week. I am so done lookin’ at all that pink! I’ve also got the blue quilt.. and I may have a different (quicker) pattern instead of the twister. I’ll graph it out when I get home.

Well that’s it.. pray for me as I travel! My joy will be getting into my own bed tonight with my dogs!!



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4 responses to “On the road again..

  1. You always have more on your plate to do. Make sure you post a picture of the wedding quilt.


  2. I made it! Thanks to all of you!!


  3. Glad you had a safe trip home. Your trip sounds like something we would do. We drove to Houston and back in one day from about a hour north of St. Louis. Now our daughter has moved to the Orlando, Florida area. I’m sure we will try doing that in one day, too.


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