Yep, it's finished!

I know! It looks awesome, right? I’m not just glad it’s finished I’m also glad I could help! I leave in the morning and ya know, it’s kinda sad! We had such a ball!

We finished up and cleaned up this morning. I ran a couple of errands (getting gas and snacks for the trip) then we went to a garage sale. It’s been relaxing and Sis is taking a nap.

Sis says next time no projects! Of course I just don’t see that happening but she could surprise me… besides I think a pond would be a fun project!! Well maybe not..

I’m looking forward to getting home and getting my projects finished at least by Christmas.. I would love to get that Christmas tree shirt done this year and placemats! And.. well, there’s a bunch of ands.. I’ll get to them!

Finding joy in a restful day.. hope you are too!



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One response to “Finished!

  1. jennyklyon

    Fabulous! Job well done.


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