Okay so…

I TOLD her! If you’re gonna use the melted glass marbles you have to be sure they are in fact, red all the way through.. so she smashed one with a hammer and it was red all the way through.. However the ones she bought to do the tile job she asked the sales person and did not actually check them! Of course I didn’t check either when I got here..

Yep after grouting the grout sanded the red right off them! They looked like eye balls staring at us! It was awful! But we popped all the “no longer red” marbles out and replaced them with red marbles that were red all the way through!

One day to clean up and we are finally finished!

It looks beautiful and I’m very grateful I had the chance to help with this project! It’s been an enjoyable time cutting up and laughing and pokin’ fun at each other! I’ll post more pictures tomorrow with the grout finished..

Todays joy was in starting early enough that even with a snafu we still got done before dinner!  Hope your pockets of joy wasn’t hard to find!



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2 responses to “Okay so…

  1. “We can’t leave them IN THERE!”…..DUHHHHH….what do you think I’m a MORON?? I KNEW we couldn’t leave them in there like that!! You didn’t even give me time to BREATHE to figure out what next!!…..just MOVE on…..


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