Time to grout!

Yep, we slapped some tile on the wall today! Whoo-Hoo! It is now time to grout! It looks seriously good! But wait, I finally got a picture of a Humming Bird!

I wish I could get HummingBirds at home but alas.. here they are always buzzing around! When I got here last week Sis had let the feeders get empty and the Hummers were at the window squawking at her! They are very happy now.

It’s time to grout!

This is a custom design by my sis!  I’m impressed! It looks awesome! I can hardly wait to get the grout done! It’s going to be spectacular!

We got a bunch done today! It’s looking like it may be finished tomorrow! I can’t believe I’m ahead of schedule! Well if I hadn’t figured in extra time “just in case” then I’d be running behind!

Finding joy in a job well done.. hope your pockets of joy are easy to find today!


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