Now all we gotta do…

Is slap this tile on the wall!

One wall of three

By adding the tile it’s definitely lightening up the room. I love the red but the room is a lot darker because of it.
wall 2 of three

 As you can see I also got the trim cut and up on the ends. I have two small pieces to cut tomorrow by the window above the sink.

Well she had to get one done! Only nineteen to go!!

I really want to see it with the grout! We’re gonna have to really start slappin’ up some tile!!

 We’re both hurtin’, maybe our backs aren’t quite as young as they once were.. not to mention we may have lost a few brain cells. I’d tell ya the basic math story but I’m still a bit confused by it. Besides our ears aren’t seeing clearly either!
But that’s another story!  Another Joy filled day.. laughin’ and gettin’-r-done!


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4 responses to “Now all we gotta do…

  1. Staci Anderson

    It’s lookin good! Can’t wait to see the finished product!


  2. Looking good.
    Your backs are hurting but look at the bright side. You are working together and when you are finished – how beautiful the kitchen will look.


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