A day off..

Iowa State Capitol, floor tile detail

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I know, already taking a day off.. yep that’s me. Lazy


I’ve got a few days worth of tile cutting for the mosaic work ahead. Mosaics are not unlike quilting.. it takes time to cut all that fabric before you can sew it back together again.

Okay so I told y’all about having an issue with the futon?  They set one up for me to sleep on.. they forgot however to set it up correctly so when I laid down and was nearly asleep it tipped over and plastered me to the wall. Except that they have a folding table against the wall behind the futon so it sealed me up like a clam in a shell between the wall and the table. Trying to sleep without moving that night was exhausting! We did finally find the legs that flip down to stabilize it the next day.  We shared this funny story and it turns out it is a common occurence! Now that’s just sad! Hey.. don’t let your futon dump you on the floor, they have extra legs in that zippered area!

Okay, I’m off to relax.. the coming few days will be busy! Sometimes my joy is in the stillness!



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One response to “A day off..

  1. jennyklyon

    That’s a giggle-you’re such a good sport! Yes, joy does come in the stillness.


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