Kitchen Backsplash

trial run..

Well, that’s the test run.I’ll have the tile cut so it will fit better together. But this was to get a better idea of what we’re doin’. I’ll get most of the tile cut  and in piles so everything is even.

The drive was actually nice watching the landscapes change.

This was the first of the drive at about 7:45 friday morning..

It’s fun being here. I’ll tell you the futon story later. That was just funny! I’m satisfied I got a few tiles on the wall and I’ve got a plan to get-r-done!

big tiles cut and placed

Everyone liked the wedding quilt top. They agreed it’s pretty big but thought she would prefer it that way.

from flat land to mountains in the distance..

I’m gonna work on getting that hummingbird picture this time too! More later.. hope your pockets of joy continue to put that twinkle in your eyes!



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3 responses to “Kitchen Backsplash

  1. I like the design but don’t envy you cutting all of the little pieces. Good luck.


  2. Thanks! That’s why I brought the tile saw!


  3. Looks like a lot of work, but I’m sure it will be pretty. Sort of like a quilt top!


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