I just thought… that was the first mistake

Think big

Image by m-c via Flickr

I am always fretting over the quilt label. Don’t tell anyone but I’ve actually given quilts that had no label.. shh or the quilt police will get my location! So I saw the custom labels and to rationalize the expense  I thought.. (yep the first mistake) that a new logo was in order..since I sold a few quilts now and then it was rational, right?

Obviously I gave off the wrong idea.. no that’s not all there is to selling quilts or starting a business. Been there.. don’t wanna be there again, not even for quilts. I have too much brain damage now to even contemplate that. I just liked the cute labels… and was looking for an excuse to get some. I sure didn’t mean to imply anything by my post..

Yeah, I will continue to make quilts to order but I guess I’ll stick to the old embroidered labels for now.

So back to my day.. it was another rough one.. left at 9:30 am didn’t get back until 3:30 pm. Nope still didn’t get everything done. But tomorrow is another day. #3 Son is set up for all his classes in high school and in college. That was a huge check off my list! Tomorrow is another big one! Then I pack to leave.. well after I run to the tile store that is!

 Details.. I’ll check in later.. my pockets of joy were soo obvious today!! I am blessed! I know you are too!!


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