And now.. AUGH!

teenagers & driver licenses

Image by j l t via Flickr

Okay, it’s time to go to the Driver Licence office… I may be more nervous that #3 is! Oh my word! The first two didn’t cause me to fret this way! Lola is barkin’ at me. DH is tryin’ to do somethin’ online.. and is hollering questions at me. #3 is sittin’ in here ‘what if-ing’ me.. AUGH!


 Spoiler Alert!!  Here’s the center block for the quilt.. I had to share!

Center Wedding Block

Now all I gotta do is .. I’ll edit and update when I get back..

Okay, HE PASSED!!!  YEAH! I’m off taxi duty!!


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One response to “And now.. AUGH!

  1. jennyklyon

    It’s a whole new world once they get their license….!


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