Jennifer’s Jewels: CPSIA Requirements

I’ve made custom labels for each of my gift quilts but y’all know I was thinking of selling some quilts.. well I ran across this. Now I want my own LOGO!  Bwaahaahaa! But seriously, I really like the idea!

 Custom Labels!!!! Whoop!

CPSIA Requirements

Hi! I did a little research and found this to explain labeling well to all us handcrafters. 🙂 Pretty much the info you NEED to have is:

Manufacturer’s name/Business Name

Location (City, State)

Date of Manufacturing

Of course you can do more than this, but this is your basic info needed. I highly suggest an email address or website as a way to contact you.

Here is a section from the CPSIA website that refers to labeling requirements:

The Commission has received a great deal of comment and input from hand-crafters regarding the implementation of Section 103(a). As noted in the Statement of Policy, the Commission anticipates that there will be a period of education after the new requirements go into effect and expects that each manufacturer, large and small, will consider how to apply these requirements to their business.

via Jennifer’s Jewels: CPSIA Requirements.



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2 responses to “Jennifer’s Jewels: CPSIA Requirements

  1. Selling crafts on the Internet is a more detailed process than … I just want to start my own business, put up a website and sell my quits.

    I have a registered business license for an LLC business. Check into regulations far beyond what you have found here with a tax consultant or a CPA before you start.

    Otherwise I suggest you sell with Etsy. They have the business but you also pay them for hosting per sale etc.


  2. Thanks.. in my other life I had a store and web site though it had nothing to do with quilting (oy-vey the legalities and forms!). I was just excited about the labels… and redesigning my own logo.. sry didn’t mean to sound flippant..


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