Soon to be on the road again..

The sun sets over the westbound Ohio Turnpike.

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Have you ever noticed when you’ve got a bunch of stuff to do and have a time limit that people suddenly need your attention?

Well the wedding quilt top is done and the backing is ready too.. there’s just no way I’ll be able to get it on the table and quilted before I leave for Ohio.  It seems my attention is needed else where.. a ba-zillion other else wheres. I wanted my sister to see it before I shipped it out but it’s not lookin’ like that is gonna happen. 

Tomorrow I mud the drywall and caulk.  That’s actually a two day project the mudding.. so that takes tuesday and wednesday.. then of course there’s the other ba-zillion things.. that’s thursday I guess..

I’m still lookin’ for my pockets of joy.. I know they’re out there. Have you found yours?



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3 responses to “Soon to be on the road again..

  1. SEW glad to know that wedding quilt is finished.

    Pockets of joy.
    My pockets are full… I have a wonderful husband, 4 beautiful children, a new grandson, I’ve touched thousands of children in my 39 years as a teacher of gifted students, and I have a passion to quilt.

    I am sure there are other pockets too, I just need take time to reach in.

    Always live life – and smile.


  2. Pockets of joy-wherever I step. Take care!


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