The week ahead…

I’m sitting here contemplating the week ahead.. okay, I’m actually dreading it. I don’t want to do drywall! I want to quilt! I have so much painting left to do and I want to quilt!

Sometimes life doesn’t have balance. Sometimes there are seasons of ‘stuff’ we would rather not deal with.

Alas, I trudge forward and get through so I can get to the ‘stuff’ I want to do. Truth is that other stuff? It helps me appreciate the good stuff. I actually get more done. But don’t tell anyone I admitted to that.

My week in review shows an almost finished quilt top and another ready for the cutting table. That’s actually a huge thing. I am pretty tired of seeing pink and I’m pretty sure there won’t be another pink one for a very long time. I’m looking forward to the blue one.. blues are fun. I was also asked this week to make a pastel memory quilt. That should be a really fun one, I get to play with embellishments! I love embellishments!

So I have loads to look forward to and once the new bathroom is finished, there are no big (home improvement) projects until next year. Well other than to finish painting. I also have the trip to Ohio to look forward to and that’s just a few weeks away!

Now all I gotta do is… these few steps…


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