The Community stepped up!

mulch pile

Image by bbaltimore via Flickr

My family spent the morning helping out a local elementary school get ready for the start of the new year. There were ten churches that got together to aid the local schools. At the end of last years school year just a week before the last day of school 470 county employees were laid off.

Those who lost their jobs included 13 physical education teachers, 16 math teachers, 15 language arts teachers, 19 science teachers, 17 social studies teachers, 58 elementary education teachers, 11 music teachers and nine art teachers. Dozens of special education teachers also were laid off. Teachers weren’t the only ones affected. Others who were given notice included secretaries, nurses, clinic assistants, social workers, behavior specialists, media specialists, guidance counselors and custodians. In addition, six district-level supervisors and six assistant principals lost their jobs. (See the newspaper article here.)

What that translated to was more work for those who were lucky enough to keep their jobs. That’s where we came in.. the community stepped up too! There were 50 volunteers that showed up at the school we were working today!

It was such an inspiring sight! I had the opportunity to speak with the gentleman who works there. He said he was told that there might be 20 people coming to help him. There was so much work to be done he was grateful for any help he could get. He was amazed by the amount of work that got done and humbled that so many showed up to help.

Physically, I’m really not that useful. It was about 100 degrees in the shade and we weren’t in the shade! DH volunteered us for the landscape crew. In my other life I knew a thing or two about landscaping and he figured I would enjoy the flashback. There were about 100 plants to plant, beds to be shaped, weeded and mulched and hedges to be trimmed. I was pretty sure that all that was to be left of me would be a grease spot on the sidewalk! Well I lived and though I will be sore for a long time it was a wonderful way to spend a saturday!

Where did you find your pocket of joy today?



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6 responses to “The Community stepped up!

  1. Hi I am about to join my fellow HOA board members + husband, to clean up the sub-division’s pool area. Although the pool has been closed for at least 3 years, we are trying to undertake repairs with the hope that it will be open next year. We have organised a block party next weekend for all the residents, in order to get people together.


    • I wish you much luck! People can surprise you, spread the word.. oh and if there is food involved many will show up to help! Make it a party and the work gets done quickly! Thanks for stopping by! Loved your blog too!


  2. jennyklyon

    That is a lot of laid off educators! What an impact that must have on the children and their education. It’s uplifting to hear about your community-you must live in a great town.


  3. It’s a very sad commentary and the kids are the ones paying.. My DD lost her favorite teacher, many schools completely did away with all arts programs. We are very blessed that someone coordinated all these people to help. Even those with no kids in school came!


  4. As a teacher, I understand what this does to both the students, family and the teachers in a community.

    Everyone needs to come together when kids are involved.


  5. Great story minus the layoffs, We know what it’s like. Glad you are not a grease spot!


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