Time to DryWall!


It's plumbed and ready for drywall.. the hole on the left will be shelves for towels...

It’s plumbed and ready for drywall.. the hole on the left is for shelves for towels…

Okay, do you see the air vent and light in the ceiling? The air vent will have to be moved but we’ll put in a waterproof recessed light there.  On the back side..This was a kitchen area for the recreation room

This was a kitchen area for the recreation room...

 We will be putting in a microwave cabinet so they will still have a microwave and yes, they have their own fridge with water and ice in the door. So it looks like about a weeks worth of drywall finishing. Really not too bad in the whole scheme of things!
Meanwhile back in the quilt room…

My stack of fat quarters in the blue range...


My yardage stack in the blue range..

 I’ve got a few others that were already pulled for another quilt but I think I may just have enough different ones to choose from.
Yep I’m going with the twister in a 6 inch finished size block. I’ll be using my 6 1/2 inch ruler and mark it with a sharpie marker.
I still need to do the math and figure out what size squares I need to start with..
Times a wasting.. we did school shopping today so my day was a wash. Tomorrow we go and serve with church (we’re helping the local schools get ready for school to start) so.. it’s looking like monday I’ll be the drywall queen.. and break on thursday to get the wedding quilt on the table and start cutting this beast!
I found my joy in driving lessons with the kids.. what, you doubt me?  I’m happy I came back in one piece! Sometimes the joy is not in wonder but in the stillness!

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One response to “Time to DryWall!

  1. You sure squeeze a lot into one day.
    I guess if you want something done – ask a busy quilter!


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