Momma always says…

“If you don’t wanna know the answer, don’t ask the question!” My niece has spoken or I should say chosen.. she prefers the twister! All blues.. like the black, white and red on my page. Last Years last quilt.. I know, that wasn’t one of the candidates.. who knew?

It’s like the pin wheel so I’m not complaining. I’ve got the fabrics ready so I start the initial cutting probably tomorrow. Have y’all done the twister before? It’s actually a fun quilt, the only problem is room for the first piecing and cutting. I have to do it in phases. I did the last one, one quarter at a time. I also have a little problem.. I’ve lost the template so I guess I’ll have to make up one just for this quilt. No real biggie since I’m going to use six-inch blocks instead of those tiny four-inch ones. That took a ba-zillion pieces! This way it’ll only be three-quarters of a ba-zillion!

Radio Windmill

I found this block on Messy Karens Blog. It’s a neat block but my first thought was using the X-Block tool. It’s like the twister except it does so much more! Okay, go ahead and check it out, I’ll wait… see! I know, I love the ribbon quilt too! Maybe one of my next quilts?

Okay, I’m outta here… I’ve got quilting to do!
Hoping your pockets of joy bring you the giggles today!

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