I vaguely remember being 13

I’m starting a quilt for my niece and I’m already stuck! She’s at that age.. you know the beginning of the teens. I told her I’d like to make her a quilt. She didn’t say a word then a day later, she walked up to me and said ” I like blue , oh and I don’t like flowers”. That’s probably more than she had spoken to me the entire week before.

So, I’ve got a few dozen blues and was going to do something scappy or I could do a two color blue and white. HELP!  Bow Tie is my all time favorite. Tennesse Waltz Quilt                         But I love the look of the triangle in a square.  Then of course I remind myself she is probably more contemporary.

Instead of using the Twister I thought maybe something like this?

Maybe mark a template and use the scrappy blues and a white then border it in a blue?  Well I’ve got about a day to decide then it’s time to start cutting! I keep reminding myself it’s not for me.. sort of like all those black and white quilts I made last year. It’s got to suit her. 

Well I’m getting the backing ready for the wedding quilt and yes, running out to get ink. Then it will go on the quilt table. I’ve chosen a rambling heart pattern for the quilting. I’ll outline the signature squares first. Wish me luck!

Sometimes it’s the small pockets of joy in the little things that truly surprise you!



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4 responses to “I vaguely remember being 13

  1. She say….she likes the one over to the right in “Last year’s last quilt” pic that you are holding up looking at…..in blues….and she likes the middle one in this post…..


  2. Well I guess what she says goes! HAAHAA! Of course she’s gonna like the twister!! That one nearly made me cross-eyed!


  3. You truly have SEW many quilts in the works. How do you find the time.
    Love the colors on the bow tie quilt


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