Printing on fabric…

Pink M

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Of all the days I could run out of ink? Yep, today!  I planned to get the center block printed and embroidered but alas.. I will have to wait until I can run out and get more ink!

None the less I did get the blocks together but will have to lay them out on the floor to get a better idea of placement. I ended up having to add another row of blocks. I had designed it with twenty-five and forgot I had two blocks that were still in the mail, so I’m two blocks over! I’ll be filling in with pieced blocks.. It’s always something!

It’s a bunch of pink! DD thinks it’s funny to walk in here and see so much pink. There’s another thing that came to mind as I was taking pictures.. I can’t post them! It would be a definate spoiler so until it’s finished and sent.. no more pictures.. AWWWW..

I’ll let you know how the next one is coming once I get this one onto the quilting table.


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One response to “Printing on fabric…

  1. Pink is good.
    Now think of all those block that could love pink,,, little girls, Pink Panther, roses, bubble gum …


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