I’ve got all the blocks..

Rescue swimmer

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The Wedding quilt can now be finished! Yeah for me!  I received the last two blocks in the mail so all I have to do isyeah, I know finish the top! Well actually I have to print the picture on the center block and stitch out the embroidery but that’ll take an hour tops!

It’s been a day of details for me. I’ve been to the college with #3 son, today was dual enrollment day and then to the Navy recruiters office for details on the ASVAB and PST’s. Don’t you just love acronyms? LMNOP’s! Yeah that’s it! Okay so I made that one up.. but it’s funny! So anyway, #3 plans on becoming an AIRR (that means rescue swimmer). But he is also enrolling in college for his EMT and Paramedic degree/diploma. Whatever.. there were loads of numbers and statistics thrown around at both offices and I’m a bit confused/overwhelmed. But we have a plan now so that’s something, right?

 He also has to get his driver’s licence. Swim practice and PST training not to mention that school starts in three weeks. You know I’m not gonna be the DD (designated driver) for all that!

I’ve got to get dinner started then finish these last two blocks.. tomorrow will be set for top assembly and embroidery! maybe if something else doesn’t turn up tomorrow..

Hoping your pockets of joy were easy to find today!


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One response to “I’ve got all the blocks..

  1. Good luck in all of your upcoming endeavors—getting all of the ducks in a row. You can’t say things are dull…


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