Kilroy was here…

Shower Stall in the family room.. for almost two weeks!

 Since getting the shower into the house maimed my DH the shower has been center stage. Not an attractive addition to the entrance!

It doesn't look promising!

As you can see it didn’t look promising! But not being people who give up easily.. we proceeded as though there was no problem. Heave-Ho!
Doesn’t he look like Kilroy?

DH peeking over the top.. one last push!

We knew we had it once we made it around the corner to the second flight of steps.
So finally the shower is out of the family room!
Yes, it has been put into place and the plumbing will be hooked up tomorrow.
After that it’s my turn! I’m the drywall person here. Yeah for me! (not!) Well we all have our areas and though it’s not much I do something so that should count for something..
Until that time I’m quilting! Back to finish the Wedding quilt top. I’ll post pictures tomorrow!


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2 responses to “Kilroy was here…

  1. Take things one day at a time. You are doing SEW great.


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