28 Foot Ladder = Torture

A really dear friend of mine let me borrow their 28 foot ladder. I was so grateful I didn’t have enough words! We only had a twelve-foot ladder and that barely got the first floor.

You can see where we had to stop.. I could NOT get up that ladder again to save my life!
 I know it doesn’t look like a lot but with two of us on this job it still took us all day!

Left front of the house..


All in all I’m satisfied with our attempt. We most definitely got something done and way ahead of the rain. You can see the clouds building now and it’s been a few hours.

Right front of house… you can see how far we got…
I had to rush to write this because I can barely move my arms. Maybe that dear friend wasn’t kiddin’ when he said that ladder is a beast? 
We should have made a video! #3 son and I nearly put the ladder through the front window! It was quite the comedy!
 I’ve tried to add photos and edit this.. maybe I fried some brian cells on top of exhausting myself! We’ve all showered and I got dinner ready early. Tomorrow we finish the painting and YES! We also are planning to get that shower unit out of our family room! DH got all the plumbing finished while we were painting the house! WooHoo!
I’m pretty sure who ever designed that ladder didn’t realize how weak us mortal humans are! OH MY WORD! Do not attempt this alone!


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5 responses to “28 Foot Ladder = Torture

  1. Great job. Keep up the good work and head for a hot shower to ease the sore muscles when you are finished.

    Be careful on that ladder!


  2. Great job. Keep up the good work and head for a hot shower to ease the sore muscles when you are finished.


  3. Know what you mean about the beast…my hubby lost control of ours when part of it came rumbling down breaking his toe several years ago. It needs a skull and cross bones painted on it. The house looks good. Good luck on the rest of your projects.


  4. JulieMS

    We had one of those ton of a beast, fold it in many ways ladder. Denny finally gave it away! I couldn’t lift it at all! Did me no good. finally got a normal aluminum ladder.


  5. HAH! We’ve got aluminum ladders.. this is a fiberglass extention ladder that is 28 feet tall.. you can’t get an A frame ladder that tall to my knowledge..


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