Today is an outside painting day…

#3Son and I are ready.. okay not really.. I am covering the day with prayer!

No laughing hysterically.. we can do this..

You just know when we break out that big ladder and the paint sprayer somebody is gonna end up in the Emergency room! Well DD did meet a few really cute guys at the hospital yesterday.. maybe she was meant to meet a few more?

I’m waiting for the last two blocks to come in the mail to finish the wedding quilt top. So while I wait I’m going to piece the remaining pink fabrics for the backing. I was going to get one fabric for it but I love the look of a pieced backing.

We’re hoping the rain holds off today but we’re going for it either way!

I mean seriously, I can’t keep putting the painting off, it’s been months! I have just got to get some of these things checked off my list! Christmas is coming faster than I’d like!!   Okay you can giggle a little..

and that's not even the BIG ladder!

Those pockets of joy.. they’re out there!



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3 responses to “Today is an outside painting day…

  1. I will keep the rain in Naples for you. Good luck on the painting. Better you than me.
    I don’t do ladders.


  2. You can send some rain up to MO any time you want! Glad you got to do your painting. That is a major job, I know!


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