Five Dog Night….

I’m trying to get ‘stuff’ done early today. But of course in making that statement you just know how things are going already! I’m grand-dog sitting for a few days. So no matter where I walk I have an entourage surrounding me. It’s kinda cute really. Unless you’re trying to get a snack in a hurry during a commercial then it gets a bit crazy. Oh and bedtime is a joke! Five little dogs take up more space than you would believe in bed! In winter this is not such a bad thing, but of course this is summer.

Riley and the "pet my belly" pose

But I digress.. I’m off to the hospital this morning. Please pray with me that we find out something about my mom. It is very frustrating getting no answers and we are really not very fond of emergency rooms or hospitals.

Then I’m off to Petco where I get to make up a wish list of other fish I want. Now that’s a fun thing.. my aquarium is really looking good!

MooMie.. the princess on her pillow

I’m hoping to have time to get to the wedding quilt. I’ve only got a few more weeks before I head back to Ohio and I really wanted to have it done to take with me. I hoped my sister and her family could see it finished before I ship it.  Besides I am so close to getting the top finished! I really want to see it too!
Meanwhile, there is a strong possibility that the shower stall that has sat in my family room for the last week (or more) will actually make it up those stairs and be installed! SHHH.. don’t tell anyone, we wouldn’t want to jinx it!
The pockets of joy are out there.. I hope you find yours today!


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6 responses to “Five Dog Night….

  1. We agreed to “dog sit” for our granddaughter when she moved to a second floor apartment with no yard. That was two years ago, and they are still here!


  2. Hope all goes well at the hospital with your mom. We just got brought my daughter home from the hospital Tuesday pm after her surgery on Monday. I lose track of time even more so sitting and waiting at the doctors’ offices and hospital. Take care and know that you are in my prayers.


  3. I dog sit for our children and they in turn help us out with our two in return.

    Our area just had a severe dry spell about two months ago which lead to a huge 3000 area fire. Part of that burned my son’s entire yard. They forestry fire dept. thankfully saved the house. But for a day I had my son’s two medium sized dogs, his room mates 2 very large grey hounds, as well as my own large dogs. Lets just say we kept them in separate rooms!


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