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Kitchen backsplash tiling - mostly finished

Image by rustytanton via Flickr

I’ve got a couple of weeks before I head back to Ohio..there’s a tile project there that is still in the thought process.  I went to the tile store today to get some “new” ideas..

I’m starting to get pretty excited about it. SHH .. don’t tell “her” she still thinks I’m just doin’ it just cuz she asked. I enjoy doing tile projects. We’ve got one bathroom upstairs in the works.. yep that shower is still sitting in my family room! But once it’s upstairs I get to do the tile up there too! AND after that shower is finished we’re tearing the downstairs hall bath out to renovate it!  WHOOP!

Cheap labor...

I’m hopeful that by Christmas the baths will be finished in addition to “her” kitchen spruce up project!

I’ll bring you up to date on the quilt(s) on monday.. Yep again, SHHH don’t tell I’ve already got another in the works!

my backsplash.. before the molding

So here’s my POST-A_DAY for today.. with minutes to spare!!


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