Wedding quilt

One stitch at a time.. or one picture at a time!

My design wall isn't big enough!

So far I’ve got the first three rows worth of blocks complete.

my strips are lined up..

I’ve got a bunch of strips cut and ready to go.. I’ve still got ten more blocks to go!

Pile of pink fabrics

I’m gonna have lots of leftover pink!  Well, I guess it can’t really hurt since I only had two pinks in my whole stash to begin with!

Yep I even mitered the stripe fabric!

Okay, do yall remember the premise.. they had to sign inside the lines.. well some I could adjust the seam line some but others.. you look!

blue line was the line to stay inside... fortunately I had cut them oversized so I could move seam lines

Then there were those who had a bunch to say…

This one had something to say and unfortunately there are a few places that went into the seam..

All in all this has been a pretty fun project. I’m glad I waited to read the blocks. I took the time while I pieced each block to think and pray about not only the couple but the friends that signed each block.  It has made the task so much richer!
 Well that’s it for the update.. hopefully I’ll have this done and start the quilting next week!


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7 responses to “Wedding quilt

  1. jennyklyon

    Beautiful! You’re so organized.


  2. Staci Anderson

    Looking fabulous! I read what I could of Cody’s, crying my eyes out of course.


  3. What a wonderful idea for a gift. I can see this as a gift idea not only for a wedding, but a baby shower idea, or a graduation etc. A special gift for a lifetime.

    SEW special
    The “babyquiltlady”


  4. Lovely. Just lovely.


  5. How can you read that, Staci?? It’s so tiny…I can’t wait to see the finished product. It will be beautiful as all of them are!!


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