Convertibles make errands fun!

1992 Chrysler LeBaron GTC Convertible

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Forget air-conditioning give me a convertible any day! DH took my car this morning and I had errands to run. So I took #3 son’s car. It a 1995 Chrysler Lebaron brown with a tan top.. but who really cares what color it is when you’re in it! Top down! WHOOHOO! Grocery run and a pick up drop off. Of course even DD got into the swing of it and drove me to my Mom’s house! Who doesn’t like riding in a convertible!

We helped #3 son find this car when he was 15 and learning to drive.. he never did get his licence. Doesn’t like driving!??? He is now almost 18 and will be a senior in high school still doesn’t have his licence. He was shocked to find out that if he wanted to be dual enrolled in high school and college this year he has to get it! I mean seriously the drop off pick up thing gets old fast! Not to mention the swim team practices and meets!

Well DD driving his car may have been the thing to turn his crank. She loves to drive and will be getting her licence in October of this year. She reminds us daily about it! We found her a truck (she prefers air-conditioning) not to mention she looks pretty cute in her truck and DH has it up and running great.. next he will give her a custom paint job and has a friend will airbrush the sides for her. SHHH, don’t tell her though!

I’m gonna miss driving his car but ya know I’ll have a lot more free time!


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One response to “Convertibles make errands fun!

  1. jennyklyon

    Lucky DD to get such a pimped out truck! I love your description of riding in the convertible:-)))


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