The Big But…

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What am I doin’ workin’ everyday? I got up this morning after sleeping fourteen hours.. yep that’s not a typo, 14 hours! Not only that but it’s the second time in so many weeks!

I know it’s important to get things done but I think I may have forgotten something. There needs to be pockets of joy! Yes, I do get joy in accomplishing tasks but, and here’s the big but.. sometimes ya gotta do things just for fun!

Due to things beyond my control I have limited amounts of energy. In addition to decreasing amounts of ability. I understand if I put off tasks I may not be able to do them later. That’s where my query lies. When is it alright to just sit back and enjoy the day? When is it alright to not accomplish something?

I took yesterday off to see Harry Potter and I was excited! No, I mean seriously excited, giggling and grinning! My DD said something that is still haunting me. She said I don’t act like this at home. I asked what she meant and she said you don’t have fun and smile like this. Well I tried to argue but to no avail. I couldn’t come up with an example of a time I was that excited. I know Harry doesn’t happen everyday. But there had to be times I was havin’ fun and cuttin’ up?

It dawned on me and has haunted me that I switched to this person that does stuff. I may only have a few more years of everyday with these kids and I’m busy doin’ tasks?

I just came back in from feeding a herd of cats and kittens that aren’t mine. I don’t own any cats. But every morning I go out there and feed them. When they showed up at my door I didn’t think they would live, but some of the kittens did and now there are four. They won’t let me near them and they wait just out of reach until I put the food down. I’ve never seen them play like kittens usually do. Have they lost their joy? Now that they aren’t worrying about surviving they’ve been fed everyday for weeks, and they have the shelter of my porch will they ever get their playfulness back? I’m rooting for the kittens.

Have I only been surviving all this time? I going out today to see if I can find that person from yesterday.. I know she’s out there.. maybe by the pool? I hope today finds you giggling and grinning!



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4 responses to “The Big But…

  1. jennyklyon

    I remember thinking that when my kids were that age. You DO have lots of stuff “to do” at that age and that’s wonderful-you’re actually being their Mom! This too will pass and then the house will be empty, er, empty of kids, and there will be time to sew and time to do nothing on occasion.


  2. Vicki Stebner

    I think I will add to my daily (or at LEAST weekly) “To Do” list: Do something you enjoy…or think you might enjoy. Thanks for you insights – you are so right!


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