Painful Day..

Did you know a 36" shower won't fit in a 36" front door?

We went shopping for a shower stall yesterday. And we found one on clearance! It’s fiberglass and heavy-duty! WHAT A DEAL! Right? Just think of the time and energy it’s gonna save us! We don’t have to build a custom shower unit ourselves then tile it and have custom doors made! WOOHOO! Yeah for us!

We were seriously jazzed over the find! I woke up #3 son to help get it in the house.. but then.. it wouldn’t fit! No way, no how! What to do, what to do???  Okay, Okay so scathingly brilliant idea.. bring it in through the back doors in the dining room! YEAH for us again! 

Do you see the nice arched doorway and the small shelf hanging down from above?  Oh yeah, that counter is 42 inches high.. I’m tall so DH raised all the cabinets in the kitchen to my level. Isn’t he sweet?  Because of the shelf it had to come straight in above the counter then turn.. now take a close look at the faucet in that picture.. kinda tilted now isn’t it?  It wouldn’t fit!  Back out and takes the faucets off then DH climbs up on to the counter and lifts and turns it with #3 son on the other end. He has to get off the counter to spin it the rest of the way so he jumps.  I did mention that he is the one who raised that counter right?  He went down yelling!  His back.. tweaked..
I don’t think I mentioned that is the shower for the upstairs bathroom. See the stairs behind it? Yep, you guessed it! That shower will be in my family room for a while!
Here’s a pic of my new rooster and my new kitchen rug.. we got everything on clearance…
but I’m thinking maybe making that custom shower might have been a better idea after all…


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6 responses to “Painful Day..

  1. jennyklyon

    You’ve got my sympathy-shower stall in the Family Room “for awhile”-that would be hard! Maybe some strong teen neighbor boys and a few $20 bills?


  2. Jo Major Ciolino

    I feel your pain, to the tune of a tub & shower install we did about 2 years ago. We ordered the same size tub & shower unit, but did not realize it would not fit up the stairs until they delivered it. (The original one was installed as they were building the house & they just hoisted it up!) Back it went to the store, and they ordered & came back with a 2 piece tub and shower. I’m not happy with the installation (and it wasn’t caulked properly) so while it is “finished,” it is….not so much. My staircase still bears the scars of trying to persuade that thing to GET UP THERE! Doesn’t it just make you NUTS? I feel your pain!


    • lol@ wELL Thats why we were gonna install our own custom unit. We did it down stairs but have 38″ stairs so tho we will have scars I didn’t plan on these kind of scars! Thx! If it weren’t so sad it would be funny! Okay it’s pretty funny I just have to wait to laugh!


  3. JulieMS

    I hear a sitcom in the making, gotta laugh! OH “idea”…can you cut it in half horizontally and them take two halves up and them just caulk a seem in the middle and put some kind of molding over it? Just a thought.


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