Directionally Challenged

Mall Parking Lot Tiltshift

Image by Eric M Martin via Flickr

I’m directionally challenged. It becomes more obvious when I’m trying to get out of parking lots. They are very confusing to me. This is a huge admission.. I don’t usually tell people who aren’t in the car with me. Some of y’all out there are scratching your head. You’ve no idea what I’m talking about. You’ve probably never met anyone like me.

Well the easiest example.. lets say I’m going to a Mall or strip center.. whatever you call it in your neck of the woods. Said Mall covers five acres of land on the corner of two or sometimes three busy streets. There are half a dozen entrances and exits on each street. Each entrance and exit is landscaped the same and the landscaping obscures the street enough so that you can’t see landmarks. I can’t figure out which exit to take and no I can’t remember. It becomes very infuriating and causes  u-turns more often than I would like to admit.

I have similar problems when playing with quilt blocks. It’s hard for me to see the pattern play between the blocks. Maybe that’s why I love one block quilts as much as I do. On the other hand when the colors play together in one block quilts I can’t always see that either.. until it’s too late. In the last wedding quilt. the green one, I had one fabric that once the quilt was assembled DD pointed out that it didn’t play well with the others.

I’m fighting that now, with so many pinks I’m hopeful I won’t have that problem. Usually the more fabrics the less you have that worry. So how many is enough? I’m hoping to get some more pinks today just in case. Don’t tell anyone but pink is my least favorite color so my stash until this point had only two pinks. I know! Scary! I have ten to fifteen of every other color! Aw shucks, I have to go fabric shopping!Let’s just hope I can find my way out of the parking lot!



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