Still Painting..

Dried green paint

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Of course I may be still saying this for the next three months! It took me three days to get the hallway finished. But yes it is finished so that’s something right? I start the Khaki color next. That’s only two walls but it goes halfway up the stairs too. DH started on adding the upstairs shower and we’re hoping to have the paint and bathroom finished by Halloween. It’s a goal.. Who knows it could happen!

Ya know, if I didn’t have to cook and clean too it would be a lot less stressful!

Then of course there is everything else. I’ll be able to go full force once the wedding quilt is finished so I may take a couple of days to get-r-done. The newlyweds just got to their new home today. It must be such an exciting time.. their lives just starting together. Awww! I vaguely remember those times!

We stopped by Lowes,(my favorite home improvement store) on the way home from church today to pick up the other four gallons of paint for the kitchen, dining room and DD’s archway to her bedroom. It dawned on me later that I did not get any paint for the upstairs rec-room and wet-bar area. That’ll be another two gallons.. I think this is never-ending. I would love to repaint the quilt room too and I just might do that if there’s any paint left over. A bunch of different color stripes! Wouldn’t that look fun?

I did add some of the purple to the green but there wasn’t that much left once I put eight ounces into a jar for touch ups. And since they don’t sell paint tint I got one of those little sample jars of paint while I was at Lowes and I asked her to double the mix on the deepest green I could find so I can dump it in and see what happens. . wish me luck on that!


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