Wants verses Needs

Think about balance

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It’s an age old quandry. There are so many things that truly need to be done yet I still want to do other things. I find it more difficult to prioritize these days. I try to keep it balanced but even that is getting more difficult.

I want a new sewing machine.. yes still!  I still want a new sewing machine! I know I don’t need it.. but boy, oh boy, do I want it! Why is that? You’d think four would be enough..

I want more fabric.. I seriously can’t go into a quilt shop without finding something I just have to have.. I have hundreds of  yards on hand but I want more!

I want to quilt.. I need to paint.

I want to go to Knoxville Quilt Show.. I need to add a bathroom to the house.

 I’m beginning to think that for every want there is an equally persuasive need.. one day I’ll figure out how to keep them balanced but for now.. I want a nap.. I need to start dinner.. guess it’ll have to be after my nap!


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