Rain? Again???

Rain, Rainy weather

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Yep, it’s still raining and has since the day we fixed the paint sprayer so we could finish the outside of the house.  So I’m back inside still painting. But I’m sure you guessed that. There’s enough for me to paint inside to keep me busy for weeks!

I think it’s already time to take a break from painting.  Yes, I do, already! I want to finish up the blocks for the wedding quilt! I’m still waiting on one to come in the mail but in the meantime I might as well get the other blocks done and assembled, right? It’s been a few days since I’ve been able to spend time with Vern (he’s my Huska-verna). Timmy is calling to me too, long arms should not remain idle for long!

Besides there’s still a pile of “stuff” at the quilt room door that must be dealt with. Okay so obviously I have tons of ‘stuff’ I have to do but today..

It a rain day! So I will sit in my chair and read while dinner cooks in the crock pot!



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