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I know as quilters y’all might not understand my quandary. BUT, I have such a hard time picking paint colors for my house! I’ve found a new way to decide, instead of staring at those paint chips you see at the paint stores.

I buy oops paint every time I see it. Well, okay not every time but just like fabric I pick up colors that I like. I’ve also instructed DH to pick them up and ya know, he has brought some doozies home! So now when I’m ready to paint I pull them out and see what I’m working with. I’m now ready to paint and I have at least five gallons of paint. Which actually isn’t enough but it’s enough to do two rooms and the hall. I’ll need two gallons for one room and probably three for the other and one for the hallway.

I know I want to paint the back wall of my kitchen red and the dining room a golden yellow. So, where do I go from there?

Yep.. it's purple!

First let’s discuss the hallway since that’s by far the funniest one. Dear Husband picked up a deep purple paint with the primer in it. I painted a patch on the wall and yep, it is purple. He asked me if I was really gonna use that one and I laughed and explained he bought it. He just rolled his eyes at me! Secretly I love this color but it’s a lot more fun to blame it on him!

The one on top Khaki!

So the other colors I had were lime green (1 gallon), mint green (1 gallon), and a half-gallon of beige .. let’s stop there. I poured all those into a five gallon bucket and came up with a spring green so I painted a patch on the wall. I’m still not sure on that one.. I think I need to add a bit of depth to it yet. Maybe some of the purple?

Then I had adobe it’s like a light clay color, there was a lot of red in it. Another half-gallon of beige and mixed that.. it turned out very orange looking. So I added a quart of medium blue and I got khaki beige! It has a hint of red but it is the same value of the purple. I love it!

After I’m done with the hall and pour 8 ounces into a jar for safe keeping I’ll see how much is left and try to tint the green a bit deeper. I love playing with the colors and even if I don’t like it I can keep adding until I find a color I like. So far all the colors are in the fabric valances over the window! How awesome is that?

green on the right.. maybe add a bit of purple?

 Besides DH loves that it only cost thirty-two dollars for all the paint!!



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4 responses to “Colors!

  1. I love the way you ply with the colors. I’ve done that too. Couldn’t afford new paint, so dug into the old left overs we had and mixed them to make a pretty green. It worked!


  2. Seriously? This is amazing! I’ve never mixed colors to make a new color for my walls! Took note of keeping a small jar of leftover paint. I love what you’ve come up with and look forward to the results!


  3. Thanks.. in my other life I loved to draw and paint.. my hands don’t work that way anymore so I “collect” paint and play with it on the walls! It’s easier if the mix recipe is still on the can when you buy it but mostly I just try it to see what’ll happen.. It took nearly 20 gallons to paint the inside before we moved in.. we only had to buy five!


  4. jennyklyon

    You are brave!


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