Everything Changes..

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Obvious statement I know, but so many times we fight the changes. We like things to stay the same. It’s not that things are perfect it’s just that we’ve adapted to this time in our life.

I’m one of those people who change my physical environment often. In the last sixteen years I’ve owned and renovated five homes. But the emotional changes I didn’t adapt to very well. I seem to fight those, sometimes to a fault.

I’m facing one of those times now. #Three son is turning 18 and graduating from High School this year. This is the year of decisions for him. And the year of last times for me. For him the beginning and for me the end of an era. He is starting his first year at College while still in high school to get a jump on his degree. I’m both proud of the man he has become and missing the boy he was. I’m not sure if it is a mom thing or a parent thing. I’d like to think I’m getting better at this.. he is number three. But truthfully, it hurts the same. Not to mention number four graduates the following year and I just turned fifty!

First Day of School.. 2010

The saving grace is my husband. Bless his little heart! The changes are just as difficult for him. Yet, he soldiers on and pulls me kickin’ and screaming along. He sees each change as a new beginning for us and tries to keep me grounded in reality. Of course he also cheats and offers to get me a new puppy…



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3 responses to “Everything Changes..

  1. jennyklyon

    My heart goes out to you-it’s hard to let them go. But it also tells you that you did your job-they are leaving!


  2. Be grateful that you did a good job and they are able to move on with confidence and faith! Mine is still trying to find his way yet seems so lost.


  3. Thx Jenny! I’m sure I’ll find my tempo once they’re gone.. and I know I don’t really want to keep them under roof forever…

    @JulieMS You’re absolutely right.. they both know they do not walk alone..


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