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As a kid summers were all about fun. Now, not so much. I’ve found most of my quilting gets done in the spring and fall. Summer and Winter are slower times for me. Too many other things going on.

Yes, I’m getting the wedding quilt done but it seems it’s only secondary to everything else we have in the pipe. We’re hitting two years in this house and there is still so many things to finish and of course start. The kitchen.. everyday we get close there’s something else, the masterbath just a few details to finish. Two more bathrooms, one to add a shower and remodel and the other a complete gut it out and replace everything including the walls and floors. And of course the paint… everything inside needs a new coat. Yes, we painted before we moved in but everything was painted one color and that’s just so NOT me.

Looks like I’m heading back to Ohio too. My sister has the same issues.. redo! She’s redo-ing her kitchen adding just a little something.. new sink & faucet, counters and the reason I’m heading back… custom tile backsplash. I’m hoping to bring DD, but if I can’t pull her out of school.. I’ll borrow one of her daughters to help install.

I used to think I looked forward to fall because the kids went back to school but really it means a break from the big projects. And of course a return to quilting.


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