One Day..

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My Prince will come..  Oh yeah, he did!

Still working on the wedding quilt.. one block at a time one day at a time. My house work list doesn’t seem to end but I’m actually getting things done there too! SHHH don’t tell anyone!

Tomorrow being the FOURTH means cookouts so I’ll be making potato salad and deviled eggs.. okay every day is deviled egg day around here.. but that’s another story. My chickens have been very busy.. they got extra treats of a few strawberries and grape tomatoes and they are treating me with extra delicious eggs!

During the cabinets before the backsplash...

I am in the midst of picking colors for painting the inside of the house.. it’s a lot more difficult than picking colors for a quilt. I’m not sure why but I’m stuck. I want a sage green but am trying to choose colors to blend with it. I want one wall in the kitchen to be red and the dining room to be butter yellow. I’m still stuck on the wainscoting for one wall in there too. I have tray ceiling in there and need to paint the ceilings again due to a lousy roofer.

As you can see we raised my cabinets quite a bit. I’m kinda tall so it’s much easier on me with a tall kitchen. Here’s a picture of the backsplash.

kitchen backsplash

 We’ve added trim and lights since this photo..  but that back wall above the window will be red. There are chickens up there all around too. yes there is a wood valance above the window and chickens above the window.

Today we finished painting out front on the lower levels and have it set to finish up stairs the day after the fourth.. I know that makes it the fifth. But I’m very excited as the boys are now helping so we will get it done a lot quicker! Maybe even a couple of days!

I need new pictures and will work on that later during the week when I’m not painting and quilting..

That’s my update for today..

Hope y’all are getting your lists checked off too!


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  1. jennyklyon

    You seem so patient with the process-when I got my kitchen redone, it was excrutiating to me. It looks like it’s going to be beautiful when it’s done. Happy 4th to you and yours.


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