We’re not in Ohio anymore,Mojo..

Storm Clouds Whipping By -The Hurricane Season...

Image by bfraz via Flickr

This is how the spring cleaning thing started. We live in Florida and Hurricane season just started. The first named storm sent a big storm this way. That sent the dog on a tear trying to find a hiding spot and scattering my stuff all over.

Did I mention,I have a dog who is terrified of thunder.. and it’s been stormy for the past week.  This will be his first hurricane season, he’s a transplant from Ohio. I wish there was some way to help him but I’ve found so far it’s best just to let him hide. Of course his favorite spot is under the sewing machine so it really gets interesting when we compete for the space. I usually let him win though.

Hiding from the Thunder

I have battery back-up on my long-arm machine and my big embroidery machine and surge suppressors on everything too. So there are literally wires everywhere to get tangled in!

Okay, so add to this that we just spent three weeks in Ohio. My sister and daughter in the same house for three weeks! They are very much alike and now everything here is compared to Ohio. She moves her furniture around all the time, has placemats on her table not a “ugly” tablecloth, has bird feeders, oh and the kicker? She made one of those no-sew blankets from fleece while we were there.. yep DD had to make one when we got home!

no more "ugly" tablecloth

So, since we’ve been back we have been busy.. cleaning and changing things a bit. We still need the guys to exchange couches from upstairs to downstairs. If the rain ever looks like it’s gonna stop there’s painting to finish outside and while we’re waiting.. yep, you guessed it new paint for inside! We may have been in Ohio for three weeks but it’s gonna take months to get this out of DD’s system! I sure hope I live through this!



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4 responses to “We’re not in Ohio anymore,Mojo..

  1. Good luck on the spring cleaning. I don’t like thunderstorms anymore so I am like your dog-just give me a place to hide. I’m concerned about this hurricane season. We are overdue to have one come this way.


  2. I like tablecloths, I have some pretty ones, but have to take them up every night or the cats lay all over them. Sam with place mats, Can’t leave anything out, dang cats! I gave up on spring cleaning, I clean all year around and if It gets missed, I get it sometime later. Living with a sheddy German shepherd and 3 cats it’s endless hair forever!


  3. That’s funny!! I got my new Mother’s Day placemats the other day that Tara & Adam made. They are AWESOME!! Double-sided and 20 of them!! I got to pick out the fabric, tell Bess she’ll LOVE them! Can’t wait till you come back!


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