Time to think Christmas

Almost time to drag the tree back out!

Oh yes I did!  I said it!!

I just noticed this year is now days from being halfway done. I’m still not used to writing 2011! For those who plan to make quilts and gifts this is the time to have a plan.

Yes I know, I do tend to wait until the last-minute but this year I have to do better! I only made three quilts as gifts last year. I have two I have to finish before I start Christmas gifts but I need a plan. Come on, humor me! I have a grand-niece that hasn’t gotten a quilt since her birth. I’ve got to make one for her! One of my nieces needs a new quilt to replace one I made a few years back and a nephew who got a little one and really needs a big one.  Then another niece who seems to have lost custody of the quilt I made for her. Those are the must make quilts. I have one grand-dog who has never gotten a quilt. That just doesn’t seem fair. Okay so that’s five.

So? Is that it? Five seems like a do-able number. I also need a Christmas tree skirt pattern. I promised DD that this year we would decorate big time for Christmas. So I guess that means placemats and a table runner too.

But wait!! I’ve wondered if I could make quilt rugs. Has anyone ever tried this? I know quilting cotton won’t hold up well but I’ve seen some decorator fabric that seemed pretty sturdy. Besides I’m not talking a huge amount of traffic and it would be a holiday type thing.

Whoa! I’ve gone off the deep end! Maybe I’ll rein myself back in and get those quilts done before I try anything new? But if you’ve got a pattern….


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One response to “Time to think Christmas

  1. I can’t believe you’re starting on Christmas already! I’ve quilted with upholstery (furniture) fabric and, apart from being a bit heavy going, it worked out very well. I had to go slowly on my sewing machine though, and use the appropriate needle and thread. It would be different!


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