Summer Cleaning..

Toilet cleaning supplies.

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Somehow I missed spring.. I’m not sure how I missed it. I’m sure I was here I just didn’t get any spring cleaning done. So here it is the beginning of summer and I’m still stuck in spring cleaning mode. Sad but true.

Nope, even guilting myself didn’t get me to get much done.

I made it to the fabric store and got the pieces to finish the wedding quilt. I didn’t get my correspondence finished yet but I do have have the final draft. Maybe I’ll go over that tonight? So maybe I can get to the post office in the morning getting both checked off my list? We’ll see.

I got side-tracked by my sisters’ blog. It had me in tears! She actually likes me?! Can you even imagine? You’re still pondering that we both have blogs aren’t you? Okay, so maybe it’s a hereditary thing.. we both love to have the last word? Or maybe we both love to talk and our DH’s and kids are tired of listening to us? Whatever the reason, it is what it is!



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3 responses to “Summer Cleaning..

  1. I never really got to spring cleaning either but I figure with all the winter cleaning I did in the basement, I am good to go. 😉

    I read your sister’s post. Fantastic! You were super woman for her. I hope you can come here before my daughter gets married. (no prospects yet…) LOL!

    I’m the youngest sister and my sisters don’t have blogs. One only reads mine occasionally. But … “I love to talk and my dh & son are tired of listening to me.” Love it! 🙂


    • LOL! Just say when and I’m there.. I’d prefer not to add a kitchen remodel in the middle of a wedding tho! Just in case you’ve got that in the works too? my sis gets a bit ahead of the curve… looks like I’ll be going back right before the thanksgiving holidays tho..
      Yeah, I’m not alone.. I fight the whole spring cleaning thing then feel guilty??
      EVERYONE is tired of listening to me.. but ya know DH has just started reading my blogs.. what’s that about? He doesn’t listen when I rant in person but in my blog yep he reads it??


  2. I don’t LIKE you, I actually LOVE you, ok…I like you SOME of the time too… 🙂


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