Details take time..

Detail of sun quilt

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Details, they are the things that trip us up or make projects stand out. But why is it the details take more time than the projects?

I spent over eight hours driving around and doing errands yesterday. There’s little wonder I slept so well! I still have loads of details to get checked off my list today too. DD has a project to hopefully keep her busy much of the day. It turns out I’m gonna need about three more pinks for the wedding quilt so a trip to the fabric store is in order.. aww shucks, isn’t that just a shame?

But seriously, I will be starting the cutting and piecing and hopefully decide on the backing fabric too. Once I get the blocks laid out I’ll know more about what else I can add to it. Besides, I can’t wait to read the blocks!  Sure I looked at a couple of them but as I sew I will read them. The other signature quilts I made were finished quilts that I then had people sign. I won’t do that again as I had to rip out blocks because people messed up or wrote the wrong names.. (yes they forgot who they were writing to!).

On a side note I was just informed about a “leetle” project my Sis needs help with. She says little in such a way that you usually know you’re in for some trouble. But at least I know it going in and can prepare for it. I’ve got a few months to prepare and this time, I’m bringing my tools!



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2 responses to “Details take time..

  1. I’m starting a new quilt soon as well, and I’m still at the “working out which fabrics I’m going to use” stage. Lots of patterns and colours to choose from: decisions, decisions!


  2. All that fabric, and not any more Pink? 😉 excuses to go fabric shopping!!


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