Work Lists have a life of their own..

Have you ever started writing up a work list and it just kept growing? One thing leading to another until the list is so long it is overwhelming? So overwhelming in fact that  you no longer wanted to do anything on it?

DD and I just got back from my sisters and DD has it in her head that we need to get some projects done while the boys go out-of-town (they’ll be gone for 4 days).  We aren’t talking small little girlie projects either! Finish painting the house, paint her room and change the upstairs furniture with the downstairs furniture. I also have to finish the drywall in my room and paint and get the dresser in from the garage. Yeah right, I woke up with my back hurting  just writing the list!  But then there are things I wanted to add to the list like wainscoting for the dining room wall. I’ve wanted that done since we started the remodeling process. Oh and the tray ceiling really needs a new coat of paint.

We’ve got errands today so that leaves us three days to work. No to mention we have to clean up after our projects so there is no mess when they get back. So we’ll be off today to get supplies from our favorite store.. Lowes! Since we’re forcasted for rain the next few days painting outside is on hold for now. 

I guess I’ll have to take it one check at a time. Might as well check out the beaded paneling while I’m there…



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2 responses to “Work Lists have a life of their own..

  1. jennyklyon

    When I get back from vacation, I usually have a to do list that is 20-30 items long-it’s punishment for actually enjoying yourself:-/


  2. My work list gets so long that I become completely frozen and spend several days not doing any of it. I worked out that if I do one thing I don’t like doing followed by one thing I do like doing most days and have an official day off from my list once a week then at least I get something done (hopefully 12 somethings in the same week).


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