Signature Quilt

The instructions told them to stay inside the blue lines

 The day of the Wedding I put stacks of blank blocks with pens on the sign-in table. The sign on the block instructed them to stay inside the blue lines.I was a little nervous about this signature quilt.

Maybe it was a little old-fashioned? I couldn’t stand there.. how was I to make sure people knew what the squares of fabric were for? I made a sample block and had my nieces and nephews sign it I told them it was a fake block that would not be in the quilt, they didn’t even have to use their names. They had fun with that.After most everyone was seated I had a chance to run by the table and was amazed! Lots of people had signed a block! Not only that, they really seemed to get into the spirit of it, drawing pictures and sharing stories. By the end of the reception almost everyone had signed a block (only one person had gone outside the lines). I put out forty blocks and although three disappeared there were thirty-six full of signatures!

However someone had put out a bunch of sharpie markers in assorted colors (for the sign-in book) and most used those instead of the fabric markers. I was a little nervous about it but I’ll heat-treat and bubble wash the squares. The colors may fade a bit and yes they did run but it will work out.Some really got into the spirit!

Some really got into the spirit!

I got a Facebook message that someone forgot to sign a block so I am mailing out a few to them. So I guess the signature quilt wasn’t such an old-fashioned idea!  WHOO-HOO! Aunt Julie isn’t completely out of touch after all! The bride chose pink as the color of the quilt.. I started to try to talk her into picking two colors but stopped. It’s not my quilt. So I’ve got about twenty different fabrics in different shades of pink. I’ll start cutting strips and laying it out next week. The Groom just graduated from college and is in the Air Force, they are moving  from Ohio to Mississippi. 

Hopefully by the time they are back from their honeymoon and moved to their new home I’ll have it done. So that they will be wrapped in the prayers and blessing so many of their friends and family expressed in words for them.



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6 responses to “Signature Quilt

  1. Lovely lovely lovely! And isn’t it hard to stop oneself from suggesting what we might think is a better choice? Oh my.
    All the best to the newlyweds and what a wonderful gift you are making with love.


  2. That is fantastic! I did a siggy quilt for our daughter’s h.s. grad back in ’04. Everyone loved finding their name on the quilt. This one is just great! What a treasure for the bride & groom. 🙂


  3. jennyklyon

    What a blessing to the couple! Beautiful!


  4. Suzanne

    Aunt Julie is definitely “in touch”!!! This quilt was a terrific idea and will be beautiful:) Thank you for doing this!


  5. LOVE it….so did you cry reading them?? Mine was the best, wasn’t it, now come-on….you can say it!! hahaha….and was I the only one that went outside the lines? On my behalf, I never saw the sign or read the instructions….just got a block and went for it 🙂


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