Wedding Update

The Happy Couple

The wedding was beautiful.. the weather held out and the sun even came out! It was a picture perfect day! I think this picture says it all!

There were so many truly touching moments throughout the day. I am blessed to have been able to be there to see these two people start their life together! But y’all want to hear the funny parts.. that’s why you’re still reading, right?

Okay, it starts with nearly gale force winds.. and this strange woman who insisted that the arbor they were using had to have tulle and chiffon to decorate it along with flowers! That woman said, and I quote “wouldn’t you like just a splash of color on it?” It had rained for three days and the forecast was for rain and high winds… The arbor blew over once and a skilled guy (thanks, Adam) got fishing line and anchors to keep it in place. Now as I told you earlier the weather was perfect for the wedding.. but not for the set up. That woman.. okay so it was me.. was nearly blown off the chair trying to set everything with double stick tape! I sincerely hope I didn’t show up in any of the pictures because my hair was blown into the most ghastly hair-do you can imagine and when you’re the quasi-coordinator there is no time to look into a mirror until after everything is done!

During her speech the Matron of Honor presented the groom with a plaque that has now become a tradition in family weddings it reads: “Happy Wife.. Happy Life” now how perfect is that? I want one of those plaques to go up next to my “if momma aint happy aint nobody happy” sign. The Best man told stories on himself admitting to leaving his little brother behind and saving himself when confronted as small kids by dogs. I have it on good authority it took the best man hours to write his speech and I’ll admit, it was a very moving speech. Of course both speeches had just as many teary eyed moments..

Mom and Bride sharing a laugh..

Sometimes you can’t contain happiness!

As you can see there was tons of laughing and let’s face it.. that’s the best way to start a life together!



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2 responses to “Wedding Update

  1. You chose my favorite shots 🙂 You made it so special, I’ll never be able to thank you enough….now go enjoy your birthday !!


  2. jennyklyon

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing it.


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