Today is the day!!!

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Obviously I’ve written this the night before. But yes this is it.. I’ll hopefully write the next sometime later since we will attempt to drive straight through the morning after the wedding. But that’s tomorrow.. today is the DAY!

We’re all a little bit excited.. MOB is a bit stressed as her little girl is getting married.. but that’s to be expected. I’ve already cried more than I thought I would but it’s all happy tears!

I had a topic I wanted to talk about but it has completely slipped my mind! Can you even imagine?

My DD is driving me nutso! She won’t stop talking while I’m trying to write. Now she’s making animal sounds.

As I am to be the coordinator, I think I will sign off and get some sleep.. we’ve got less than twelve hours until it’s time! I’m still a bit jazzed so I imagine it’s going to be difficult.. this feels like Christmas Eve!




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4 responses to “Today is the day!!!

  1. jennyklyon

    Many blessings for today!


  2. Happy Wedding! Can’t wait to see a pic.


  3. It WAS just one LEETLE thing, ya know….


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