Just a little scatter brained today..


2011 AQS Quilt Show & Contest - Knoxville, TN         July 13 – 16, 2011

 I didn’t make Paducah this year and planned to hit Knoxville instead. It just dawned on me this is the last time it’s planned for Knoxville so maybe I have to go!

Have you visited the Quilt Index lately? I’ve used this site for the last few weeks to get my quilt fix while I’m so far away from my quilt room. I usually just browse through the different categories. It’s almost calming!

Only 28 more hours until the wedding.. just a couple things to do then.. we wait. Rehearsal is this evening … then we sleep and get up and dressed and go! I’m sure the excitement level will explode today. As you can see I’m a bit excited myself.. We’re having fun now!

But I’m a little sad too because I leave the morning after and this has been such a fun visit! But there’s always next year!


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One response to “Just a little scatter brained today..

  1. JulieMS

    I was just looking at the Quilt Index yesterday, quite interesting and thought I should get my quilts registered and figure out what to do with them before I “croke.” Carl probably won’t care about them. I’d like someone to have then that will appreciate them. Although it may be necessary to sell them to retire on too!


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