50 Hours and counting…

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We’re almost there.. the excitement is building! Tomorrow is rehearsal so today is the last day to get the rest of the big projects finished up before the WEDDING!

I’ll have pictures once I get back home. I’m using the kids computer since my laptop got a virus two days after I got here and there’s no card slot for uploading pictures on this one. But I’ll be honest I’ve been too busy to take any pictures so I guess I’ll have to get on that!

I’ve only got a few days left here and ya know, it’s really kinda sad. We have had a lot of fun. But all things come to an end.. we have a list of list of things to do once we get home. DD keeps adding to it but we’re looking forward to getting things done there too.  Of course one of those things is this wedding quilt. I’ve got to get the markers today and make a sign so everyone understands they need to sign the blocks. I’ve got one block finished I’ll have signed for a sample.

So I’m off to dot the i’s and cross the t’s.. details details!!!


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