Father’s Day!

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Today we stop to recognise and thank the fathers out there. .

It’s a tough job wrought with responsibilities and expectations that as a Mom .. I’ve seen the job and I don’t want it! In todays’ society too many times humor is at the expense of fathers. They are portrayed as lazy, uncaring and/or selfish. This is far from the truth.

They are expected to know how to fix anything that breaks or at the least do something about it “right now“. They must make the bulk of the income and provide for wants in excess of needs. No longer is it considered enough to have your basic needs met, expectations of cell phones, and computers and the latest of everything has morphed the want/need dynamics.

Fathers provide guidance and teach us things that will make our lives easier if only we listen. Quite a few fathers speak through their actions.. they fix, build create and are always there to help. Some fathers are our biggest fans, helping us to learn more about what interests us by going out and finding the answers to the questions we haven’t asked yet. They don’t always chit-chat and notice every drama.. they worry about the future and helping, so that  it can be  just a little bit easier getting through difficulties like they experienced.

Some of the lesson I learned .. as a girl it is very important to know how to change a tire and do a tune-up. Knowing basic mechanics of cars will stop mechanics from trying to run a line on you. Knowledge is necessary.. learn everything you can when ever you can. You don’t know when you’re going to need those answers. Always have a plan but remember plans can change. Set goals, both long-term and short-term. Don’t beat yourself up, there are plenty of people out there willing to do that for you. If you make a mistake admit it don’t offer excuses, admit fault, then try to not do it again. If you want to do something well you must practice. Some days you don’t win, get over it then learn from it.

To the fathers that teach these lessons, provide and guide this is your day. Many of you step in where you’re needed to father those who need you..




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3 responses to “Father’s Day!

  1. Steven Ramech

    There are few women in Today’s society that recognize the the role of the father as you have so accurately described it. Let me add that we are also responsible for the most important lesson in life, spiritual guidance! To many Christian Fathers fall short in this area & usually pass it on to the church or the Mother. But let me tell you Dads, the buck stops here! Not only for spiritual guidance, but life lessons & time spent with your children. So many of us, myself included, let the other responsibilities rule our time. But all we can do is try to better ourselves everyday & rely on God to give us the strength!


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