Obvious Truths

Little Tootie

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Have you ever gotten something or planned something but over looked the obvious truth about it? You know, you have this fairy tale picture in your head of how things will turn out but fail to see the whole picture?

Babies are so cute and precious and then they become teenagers. My sister got a tiny Yorkshire Terrier and over looked the fact that she’s a terrier, always into something and not a cuddly little poodle. I picked out a quilt design that looked awesome and overlooked that there is a ba-zillion pieces to it.

We have a sayin’ around our house. If a project starts with “All ya gotta do is..” that it’s a bad sign! Too many times the statement following that omits the basic truths. My sister has petitioned for a pond for the last week with the statement “all we gotta do is dig a hole”. See? Basic truth is ponds are work from conception to.. well there is no completion, you’re always wanting to add to them!

Well we’re finally sitting here with most of our lists checked off and looking forward to the wedding. A few small details left.. I am not saying there aren’t big projects we could jump into but since it is now wedding week. It’s time to enjoy the process!

Wishing each of y’all a day of enjoying the processes surrounding you!



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2 responses to “Obvious Truths

  1. I hate that dog! That’s alls I’m sayin….and I DO want the pond…it would be AWESOME!!


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