Wedding Week!

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We’re down to the wire.. so many projects to do today!! It’s list day.. time to start checking tasks off the list! On a positive note everyone is helping out today.  Many hands make light work !!

My niece is just as relaxed as can be.. had her hair trial run yesterday and it was beautiful! Glittering and flowing .. just awww.. she’s cute! If you didn’t know any better you’d think she was really happy about getting married!

Just another reminder how old I am!  I am turning fifty next week.. my niece is just starting her life and I’m at the other end! Ya know it’s really comforting when I think about it!

My sister actually suggested this morning that I should stay another week!  “Just think of the projects we could get done”.. isn’t she funny!  DD is having fun and loves it here.. “there’s always something to do and somewhere to go!” Of course she has slept in everyday…  I think the employees at Lowes are starting to recognise us too!

Well I’m burning daylight.. another trip to Lowes.. a table to seal and grout.. a chair to paint.. an Arbor to dress.. fabric to cut.. Y’all have a joyfilled day! I’ll check in with ya again tomorrow!



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7 responses to “Wedding Week!

  1. Happy Birthday–early! But, please don’t tell me 50 is at the other end-I already passed it… Sounds like the wedding will be great!


  2. JulieMS



  3. jennyklyon

    50 is a great decade!


  4. We forgot to wear our Matchy-Matchy shirts to Lowes….maybe tomorrow…..


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