More Hours in the Day!

Resolution - better time management

Image by vpickering via Flickr

Yesterday I helped my niece make a pillow case dress. This is the pattern I used. I don’t have little ones around but how did I not make these before? They’re so quick and simple! I just kept thinking about all the embellishments, applique and ribbons you could add! !! My niece makes all sorts of blankets and toys for her Esty shop. I don’t know how she does it with a one year old in the house!

Before I started having kids I did a lot of needlework and painting. But once the kids started coming I could not find the time or space. There must be more hours in the day now. Seriously! People get more done and do more than I ever imagined!

But if I follow that line of reasoning.. why don’t I get more done now? I definitely think up more to do but somehow less gets done each time! Do I waste time? Yeah probably. Do I get sidetracked? OH YEAH! I start more than one project at the same time and jump between them.

Speaking of projects, I have about six things I have to get done before the wedding! My work list gets longer everyday! I hope you find a way to tame your list today!


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